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One question we often get at the Clipper is “Will I get sea sick?” While we can’t answer that for sure, it is a valid concern. In the last few weeks Seattle experienced lightening storms, heavy rain, dangerous winds and even a tornado. Bad weather isn’t enough to guarantee motion sickness, as it can affect people differently. So what is motion sickness? It’s the kids who are back in school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new every day too.

Time for science class!

Inside each of your ears there are three donut-shaped tubes at different angles, full of little hairs. When your head moves, fluid inside the tubes is pushed around and brushes against the hairs, which sends a signal to the brain. You always know which direction is up because your brain processes these signals and knows which tube sent what information. Your sense of balance comes from matching the information your ear sends to what you other senses are feeling.

This system works well most of the time but not always. When you’re in a rocking boat, your ear feels like the world is spinning out of control while other senses don’t notice much movement at all. Researchers’ suspect this disconnect is what causes people to be motion sick.

You can relieve, or prevent, sickness by either matching what your eyes and ears perceive or shutting both systems off entirely. If you can, sit towards the front of the Clipper’s first level and watch the horizon. This will help make your brain realize you are moving and motion is to be expected. Another option is to take a nap. Your brain won’t pay attention to your ears as much if you are asleep.

If you are still worried about being sick, there are several remedies you can try. The easiest is over-the-counter medication, which is complimentary onboard. The medication works by helping the symptoms of motion sickness, rather than the cause. Nearly all passengers who’ve tried it said it works; the only side-effect is slight drowsiness for some people. If you don’t want to take medication, drink some ginger tea! No one knows why it works, but even the Mythbusters agree ginger will help motion sickness.

So there you have it, now you know what sea-sickness is and how to prevent it. Don’t let rougher seas stop you from enjoying a cruise on the Clipper!

Victoria Clipper Route MapTravel times between Seattle, Anacortes, Mount Vernon, and Bellingham have increased significantly in response to the I-5 Skagit River Bridge Collapse last week. Several detours are in place, but moderate delays are to be expected during non-peak hours, with severe delays during peak times. Though Governor Inslee has challenged contractor crews to have a temporary bridge up by mid-June, a date has not yet been confirmed. Catching a WSDOT ferry out of Anacortes can be a traffic nightmare. If you need to get to the San Juan Islands or Victoria, take the Clipper and skip the increased travel time through Mount Vernon to Anacortes. Our high-speed Victoria Clipper catamarans take you on a scenic journey. Clipper departs daily between the downtown Seattle waterfront and Friday Harbor, as well Victoria. Avoid the detour all together. Clipper Vacations also offers savings on Amtrak train packages to Vancouver with stops in both Mount Vernon and Bellingham. So don’t settle for more traffic and travel time. Steer clear of the roads, step away from the wheel, and relax en route to your destination. Clipper is here to ensure that you not only enjoy your destination, but you enjoy getting there as well. Click here for departure times or call us at 800-888-2535 to speak to one of our Northwest travel experts. Let us remove the hassles.

Victoria Clipper IV

Victoria Clipper IV

Skagit River Bridge Detour Alternatives: 


Thomas Gainsborough Mary, Countess Howe

Thomas Gainsborough
Mary, Countess Howe, ca. 1764
Oil on canvas
95 x 61 in.
Kenwood House, English Heritage; Iveagh Bequest (88029039)
Photo courtesy American Federation of Arts

I recently went to see Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London at the Seattle Art Museum and it turned out to be one of my favorite exhibits I’ve seen at SAM. I went on the guided tour which I would highly recommend, especially if you are unfamiliar with the history surrounding the pieces. After the tour I went through the exhibit on my own. The tour is about an hour long and covers the history of the Iveagh Bequest as well as information on several of the paintings included in the exhibit. The paintings are mostly from the 1600s and 1700s and include portraits, landscapes, marine scenes, several portraits of people as characters in Shakespeare or in other fictional settings, and etchings by Rembrandt.

Kenwood House in London usually houses the Iveagh Bequest, but since it is currently under renovation, the paintings are being exhibited and SAM was one of the museums lucky enough to host it. Edward Cecil Guinness of the Guinness Brewery sold his stock in the brewery and retired, becoming 1st Earl of Iveagh. He amassed a collection of Old Master paintings including pieces by Gainsborough, Rembrandt, Hals, Romney, Van Dyck and others which was later donated to Great Britain as the Iveagh Bequest and is usually displayed free of charge at Kenwood House in London. The exhibit at SAM also includes a section of pieces from European Masters collected by people in Seattle giving the show a local touch. Read the rest of this entry »

Here are some of the great pictures taken by our passengers on the Clipper boats or by nearby onlookers  shared on Facebook and via Twitter. All pictures link to the original picture. Keep sharing your photos because we love to see them!

Victoria Clipper III under Deception Pass Bridge

Lawrenz Photography caught the Clipper III passing under the Deception Pass Bridge

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Seattle Attractions Logo

As the Beatles sang, “I get by with the help of my friends” and in the tourism industry, it is especially important to stick together to make sure people keep coming to visit your city and to make sure locals know about all it has to offer. It is important to work together, especially since Washington State recently shut down the state Tourism office, to provide a single qualified point of reference to tourists and locals which is what the Puget Sound Attractions Council (PSAC) is all about. Founded in 1984, the PSAC is an association of 30 of Seattle’s Premier Attractions. From museums to wildlife, sightseeing to live performances – Western Washington has attractions to excite and intrigue everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

The Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa spent the off season renovating their guest rooms. Guests can enjoy modern design and convenience in their all new ModeRooms, ModeDeluxe Rooms, ModeClub Room and ModClub Harbour View rooms (ModeClub Harbour View rooms include complimentary breakfast from the ModeClub). ModeClub rooms offer exclusive 24 hour access to the ModeClub Lounge.

From the hotel: Read the rest of this entry »

Chaplins and Clipper Vacations Summer PromotionsClipper Vacations and Chaplin’s Bellevue Subaru have teamed up this summer for a special limited time offer. P>urchase a new Subaru from Chaplin’s you will receive round trip tickets for two to Victoria BC aboard the Victoria Clipper! Victoria offers an array of year-round and seasonal activities with something for everyone. Consider adding a tour onto your getaway such as Afternoon Tea at the EmpressButchart Gardens & City Highlights Tour, Royal BC Museum admission, AdrenaLine Zipline Adventure Tours and more. Or see 50 things to do in Victoria for much more of what Victoria has to offer including festivals and events. For further details this special offer, visit the Chaplin’s Bellevue Subaru website.

About Chaplin’s  Bellevue Subaru:

Chaplin’s Automotive is a family run business led by Kent and Barbara Chaplin along with their sons Brandon, Nick and Tyson. As Seattle area natives, (well, Kent moved here from Massachusetts when he was 11 years old) the Chaplin family appreciate the diverse needs of Western Washington residents. That is why Chaplin’s Automotive Group is so proud to offer three distinctive lines of vehicles – Volkswagen and Subaru in Bellevue and Chevrolet in North Bend – in order to offer something for everyone.

Victoria Clipper Gift Certificate Bonus

Even the hardest to shop for on your holiday list will love the gift of travel and a Clipper Vacations gift certificate can be used on any getaway– Orca or Gray Whale Watching daytrips on the Victoria Clipper are perfect for families, luxurious spa getaways for someone who deserves some R&R, ski packages for the family member who would just love to hit Whistler’s world renowned slopes, once-in-a-lifetime train rides through the Canadian Rockies and much more. Read the rest of this entry »

Butchart Gardens Christmas Lights Festival

Photo courtesy of Butchart Gardens

In 1987, at 83 years old she decided to dress up to celebrate Christmas, and 25 years later she is still going strong. She, of course, is The Butchart Gardens in Victoria and The Gardens will kick off the Christmas display with a light-up ceremony in Waterwheel Square on December 1st. Read the rest of this entry »

Westin Bear Mountain Golf Course

Westin Bear Mountain Golf Course

Just 20 minutes from downtown Victoria at the base of Mt. Finlayson rests the Westin Bear Mountain Golf resort which features two Nicklaus designed courses and 4 star lodge accommodations.  The two different courses are woven into the stunning Northwest surroundings and feature panoramic views of the ocean, mountains and city below.

The Valley course designed by Jack Nicklaus, explores the breathtaking landscape of Vancouver Island, passing over creeks and rivers, around lakes and through the forest. With more generous fairway width and fewer bunkers it is considered a friendlier course accommodating a wide skill set while providing plenty of challenge. Set in the foot hills of Mt. Finlayson, the Mountain Course is the collaborative effort of Jack Nicklaus and son Steve, which perfectly combines challenge with playability to create 18 signature holes.  The varied Tee selections create the ideal experience for every level of golfer. Read the rest of this entry »

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